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Can I pause my course to complete at a later date?

We understand that life can happen and all the best laid plans can go astray so we want to be as flexible with your studies as possible.  Please read the below if you need time away from your learning.

  1. Course Deadlines:

    • Most of our courses have a 2-year completion deadline, except for functional skills courses, which allow 1 year.
    • However, many courses can be finished sooner, giving you flexibility to take time away from your studies when needed.
  2. Taking Time Off:

    • If you plan to be away for more than 3 months, just drop a note to your tutor via the mailing system on the Learner platform.
  3. Individual Learning Plans (ILPs):

    • All courses include an ILP (Individual learning plans, but don’t worry—it’s mainly a guide to help you finish within the 2-year timeframe.
    • Missing individual submission dates won’t result in penalties unless you have been specifically told within your course content that an assignment must be completed by a certain date.
  4. Access to Higher Education (A2HE) Courses:

    • A2HE courses have stricter assignment deadlines.
    • Reach out to the A2HE support team at A2HESupport@epearl.co.uk if you need an study break.
    • Remember, not meeting A2HE deadlines could cap your grades at a pass mark.


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